Heart Connection & Manifestation


The spiritual understanding of how to expand your heart, as the golden key, that opens the door to your soul gifts and your true journey. The Heart the fountain of wisdom and love of the ancients

The Heart holds the golden key to your true- power, your true- self, the connection with God within you, the bridge to your gifts.


Release the bondage around the heart, which often includes rage, anger, anxiety, victimhood, guilt and judgment to name a few. Foundation of fear and embraced by ego at all levels. Embracing the true spirit of God not the DNA memory. 


Power of Sexuality & The Sacral Chakra 


Understanding the flow of our sexual energy from a spiritual perspective. How our cultural and religious upbringing effects how we relate to self and to others. Many ailments stem from a primary cause of fear, shame, frustration and guilt residing within.


Clearing the Sacral Chakra releases layers of frustration and shame blocking the most powerful energy, the energy of creation. 


Lineage Clearing


Clear the stories we carry through our family lineages which unconsciously affect us.

We are all summation of those who came before us and carry within our bodies and our minds our ancestral karma. The understanding of this karma and its clearing is of vital importance to one's healing and to the manifestation of an original reality.


Opening the possibility of forgiveness and compassion. Realization of one's true power A sense of freedom, relief, peace and inner contentment.


Healing with The Mahatma Energy

Ghandi called "the Universal Soul/ the Great Soul"


The Energy Mahatma is a multi-Universal level; it is a collective conscience including all 12 rays of light, it is the most powerful energy available on planet Earth. When connecting to our chakras, we connect to our spiritual bodies; we unlimited our consciousness.


Clearing regressive energy in our glands, which keep us young and sexual active, maintains our immune system and our metabolism balanced. This energy flows through our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies and then into the Earth. It helps to cleanse our Aura-magnetic field, disintegrating negative thought patterns and emotional traumas.

Mahatma builds a bridge between us and God, assists in increasing our spiritual progression, it raises our own frequency to facilitate our ascension.


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